In the pool maintenance industry, one of the most challenging tasks is locating and identifying leaks in swimming pools. Traditional methods often involve costly and time-consuming excavation work. However, with technological advancements, we at Showtime Pools are proud to offer a more efficient and accurate solution. By utilizing the Ridgid sea snake Nano and Micro cameras, we can easily locate and document leaks, saving our customers time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

I. The Ridgid Sea Snake Nano and Micro Cameras: Cutting-edge Leak Detection Tools

Detect and capture pool leaks effortlessly with state-of-the-art Ridgid sea snake Nano and Micro cameras. Equipped with locating sound and flexible cables, they ensure quick and accurate pinpointing of leaks, even in tight spaces.

II. Efficient Leak Detection with the Ridgid Scout

Enhance leak detection efficiency with Ridgid Scout, guiding Ridgid sea snake cameras for precise positioning and quick leak identification.

III. Locating Leaks with Precision and Accuracy

When a pool owner suspects a leak, our team at Showtime Pools springs into action. We start by carefully inspecting the pool for any visible signs of leakage, such as damp areas, water discoloration, or structural damage. Once the preliminary examination is complete, we introduce the Ridgid sea snake Nano or Micro camera into the pool, guided by the Ridgid Scout.

IV. Navigating Through Challenging Spaces

Pools often feature complex plumbing systems and hard-to-reach areas, making leak detection a daunting task. However, with the Ridgid sea snake cameras, our technicians can effortlessly navigate through these challenging spaces. The cameras’ flexible cables allow them to bend and maneuver around obstacles, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the pool’s interior. As they move along the plumbing lines, the locating sound emitted by the cameras helps us precisely pinpoint the source of the leak.

V. High-Quality Visual Documentation

The Ridgid sea snake cameras not only locate leaks but also provide visual documentation of the findings. Equipped with high-resolution imaging capabilities, these cameras capture clear and detailed pictures of the leaks, enabling our clients to see the exact condition of their pool and understand the severity of the issue. This visual evidence helps in making informed decisions regarding repair and ensures transparency between our technicians and customers.

VI. Efficient Repairs and Cost Savings

With accurate leak detection and visual documentation in hand, our team can efficiently plan and execute the necessary repairs. By knowing the precise location and extent of the leak, we can minimize the need for extensive excavation work, thus reducing costs and saving time. Our customers benefit from a streamlined repair process that minimizes disruption to their pool usage and maximizes their savings.


At Showtime Pools, we understand the importance of efficient leak detection and documentation. Reliable and cost-effective leak detection for swimming pools achieved through the seamless combination of Ridgid sea snake Nano and Micro cameras with the Ridgid Scout. With these cutting-edge technologies, we can locate leaks with precision, capture high-quality visual evidence, and facilitate efficient repairs. Trust us to keep your pool in excellent condition and enjoy a hassle-free swimming

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