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Showtime Pools

Specializes in Swimming Pool Leak Detection utilizing the latest technologies

Leak detection ONTARIO: leak repair, leak detection service

Is Your Swimming Pool Loosing Water?

All swimming pools are susceptible to leaks, whether old or new, plaster or vinyl. Leaks can be caused by ground movement and settling, aging, even your pets. Fortunately, We have a complete leak detection service to find and repair annoying leaks before further damage can occur to the pool or surrounding area. Call our service department to make an appointment so we can find that leak.

About Us

We have been servicing the pool industry since 1999. We leak detect and repair vinyl, fiberglass, concrete, indoor and out door, above ground and in ground swimming pools. Our state of the art equipment and repair products will have you up and running in no time. Don’t leave it to chance call us right away. 

Our service area covers

The GTA including the following areas Durham region – Bowmanville, Oshawa, Port Perry, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Clarington, Uxbridge Toronto – Scarborough, Beaches, Markham, Downsview, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Maple Mississauga Brampton Newmarket Other areas can be serviced, please call the office for details. Our office phone number is 289-264-1250 or email to describe the problem you are having and we will contact you regarding the issues with your swimming pool.


What Service We Provide

Vinyl Liners and Fiberglass pools: 

We use an electronic device that has been manufactured specifically for underwater leak detection. These sophisticated devices put a small electrical charge into the pool water. This charge seeks to make a connection to the ground. Since the pool liner is a good electrical insulator, the only ground connections are through penetrations in the liner. The device detects electrical current flow in the water as it seeks these ground connections, and produces audible signals that lead the operator to the exact location of the leak.

Concrete Pools:

Our pool technicians use state of the art equipment to find and pin point your leaks. We carefully check the whole pool using a Hydrophone to identify possible leak locations. A dye tester is used to confirm and pin point the leak.

Swimming Pool Inspections:

Should you find yourself buying a home with a swimming pool, you should consider having it inspected as you would your house.   

Camera systems

We use the Ridgid sea snake Nano and Micro cameras to locate and take pictures of the leak. These cameras have a locating sond near the camera head and can be located using the Ridged Scout.

Thermal Imaging

We now utilize a Flir thermal camera to help locate your leak without disturbing your deck.

Scuba Divers:

Certified scuba divers are used to patch holes in your liner. Divers also inspect your main drain and can repair the main drain if needed. Dropped something in your pool we can get it out for you. 

Pool Light Repairs 

We have now moved away from using epoxy to fix light cord leaks and use instead rubber cord plugs as they have a better long term repair.

Main Drain Cover Retro Fit

We now have the ability to retro fit the main drain sump when the screw holes are damaged or the screws have broken off in the holes.

Skimmer Basket Repairs and Main Drain Sumps

We can fix most skimmer basket and main drain sump cracks so you don’t have the expense of having them dug up saving you the expense and the down time of your pool. All this without draining your pool.

We now offer No Dig Solutions to skimmer suction line cracks at the neck of the skimmer. What does this mean to you? Lower costs for the repair and no patches on your pool deck. Can be repaired and put back into service while we are there.


Return fitting Repairs 

We now offer NO Dig Repair solutions to Return jet fitting cracks. What this means to you? Lower costs for the repair, no unsightly deck patches and back in service while we are there.

neck of the skimmer. What does this mean to you? Lower costs for the repair and no patches on your pool deck. Can be repaired and put back into service while we are there.

Pressure Testing

We use a combination of air and water to pressurize your lines. We then utilize a sonic listening device to check for leaks. This device will put us to within 18 to 24 inches of the leak. What this means to you? This allows us to locate the leak quickly without digging or cutting up your deck pad.

Install audio-video equipment

Ask about our outdoor audio video speaker design & installation services

Case Study:

Listening Devices Pinpoint Even the Deepest Leaks

Check out this leak detection case study from Anderson Manufacturing. The ultra-powerful Fisher listening devices from Anderson can pinpoint plumbing leaks as deep as 4′ underground (or deeper!).

Our Office and Mobile Number

Leak detection ONTARIO: leak repair, leak detection service

Don’t forget to do the bucket test prior to calling.

It could save you some money. 


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